‘I’d like to say a big thank you to all the people who believed i could do this and supported me all the way but most of all to my amazing coach Judith Brand for making it possible and being there for me all the way’

Evangelia Disliani, finisher Austria Podersdorf Triathlon 1.9km swim; 90km bike; 21.2 Run. 2013.

‘As a coach myself, I know just how important intelligent training is, however, I’ve always struggled to manage my training and have tended to over train.  Judith manages the whole plan and I no longer have to think what to do when and most importantly, I have scheduled rest days.  Judith personalises the plan to my needs, time available and ability.  It’s evident to see the improvements I’ve made with Judith’s coaching’

Aimee Stocker  GB Age Group Triathlete.

“I do listen to my body but I think if I didn’t have a coach I’d err on the side of doing too much rather than too little, since I’m sometimes unsettled when I hear about the vast volumes of training that some others do,” –

Catherine Faux, fastest female age grouper, Ironman World Championships, Kona 2013.


Hello Judith,

You’ve been the other woman in my life for the last 6 months, how could I forget you so easily? 😉
All in all I’m very pleased and we all had a great time. I hope you are as proud as I am.
Thanks for everything and will speak soon

Mark Fiander, finisher IM Austria 2012

Bike Fits

Hi Judith
I went out on my road bike (Felt) this afternoon. It felt a bit strange, I felt really high and I nearly keeled over at the first set of lights as I misjudged had much further down my foot had to go to reach the floor!! Shorter stem has made a huge difference – I don’t feel so stretched out and certainly seemed to have more power standing on hills and pulling away from lights (maybe I have more weight over the pedals now??) Also seemed stronger going up hills whilst seated and generally more able to push the gears better.
After about an hour I had stopped noticing the weirdness of how the new position felt and no aches or pains afterwards either in fact, my quads were, dare I say it, quite fresh and not at all achy, compared to other rides where they’ve felt battered. I’m aware that having not run for 11 days some of the freshness could be due to that, but even when I rode on Tuesday, before seeing you, my quads felt tired afterwards, so I do think you’ve solved my bike problems.
Hopefully now my glute exercises will become more effective leading to better hamstrings
Hopefully see you tomorrow to say thanks again, if not “Thanks”
Andy (Tarry) National Triathlon Champion – over several years! 40 – 44 age group

Anyone thinking about a bike fit, I would definitely recommend Dr J Coaching and Bike Fitting http://agbagshaw.blogspot.co.uk/
Abi Bagshaw, World Age Group Duathlon Champion, 2014.

Thought you’d like to know we did a fair few miles on our bikes and I love the fit of mine. No aches and pains, feel like I can go further and better (though I’m not sure Dave thinks I’m any faster!), leg movement / leg extension felt great.
Lynn Galletly, recreational cyclist


I got given Judith’s contact details by a friend of mine who rides and races on time trial events so I thought I would get in touch and see what the best forward was. Following this I booked to have the Muve bike fit carried out and then I thought I would select a road bike based on the data as I thought why not start out with the correct bike rather than buying one and trying to make it fit afterwards. At the same time I also decided to get my mountain bike set up as this has been my main hobby, we had a few technical difficulties in setting up the bike due to the Maxle design on my mountain bike which we managed to resolve using Heath Robinson Engineering on my part and some of Judith’s tools, it worked a treat though and all adjustments were made and the bike has been set this way since.

The service was excellent, Judith is a superstar and has a very relaxed way of explaining things that makes it easy to get your head around, well especially for me it was. The information she give is informative, interesting and also very useful.

Once again I just would like to say thank you and look forward to going back after completing my first triathlon.
Paul Ambler, novice triathlete!

 Hi Jude

Just wanted to say first open TT back after the bike fit was 22:52, PB by 50 seconds!

Biggest power average of 304 for the 10 miles too which in sure is more like 310. Getting there!

Thanks for your help, bike felt more comfortable and aero on a flatter course

David S Lindsay, Time Triallist