Müve Dynamic Fit Bike

Müve Fit Bike

The Müve fit bike is a dynamic fit bike with full adjustability that determines the ideal riding position while the rider pedals the bike.  This is ideal when you are looking for a new bike frame and wish to get the perfect fit.  Let the bike fit you, rather than you try to fit the bike!


Key Features

  • Simple ajustments to the position can be made while the rider is still on the bike.
  • The saddle and handlebars move both backwards and forwards, as well as up and down.
  • Fitter can change saddle, stem, bars, pedals and crank length to find the rider’s ideal position and equipment for road, mountain or TT/triathlon positions
  • Attains saddle heights of approximately 90 to 590mm
  • Attains frame stack and reach of all production bicycles

 Muve fit

 To book please email info@drjcoachingandbikefitting.co.uk