ISM Saddle Loan Service

For those who would like to try an Adamo ISM saddle but who are unsure about whether its for them, we have an ISM saddle loan service.  This service includes getting the saddle set up properly and the loan of a sample saddle for 4 weeks to give you the opportunity to try before you buy.

We recommend that you have the saddle set up by us, to make sure its fitted correctly and that you are sitting on the right part of the saddle.  This appointment takes around an hour and the cost of the set up and saddle loan is £50.  If you then decide to purchase the saddle, this is then taken as a deposit for the saddle and you then pay the balance.

We have the full range of ISM saddles to try.

ISM Adamo Performance Saddles – Price List

Type of saddle Best for Retail Price (prices include VAT)
Performance Long
ISM Adamo Prologue (now called the PL 1.1) Based on the Podium and Breakaway, this allows more forward and rearward movement.  It has more foam and gel added to soften the ride. £129.99
ISM Adamo Breakaway (now called the PL 1.0) Similar to the Podium, this has more gel and padding to soften the ride.  Available in black or white £164.99
ISM Adamo Podium Developed to produce the perfect shape and slope, this is a longer. Narrower performance saddle for those who want to podium. £164.99
Performance Short
ISM Adamo Time Trial (now called the PS 1.0) This saddle is about performance.  It enables a greater hip rotation which gets the rider in a more aerodynamic position for a better performance.  Available in black or white. £164.99
PS 1.1 Similar design to the PS 1.0 with thicker padding and budget friendly chromoly rails.  Commonly used for TT and triathlon bikes. £129.99
ISM Adamo Road Good for longer distances, 70.3 and ironman racing.  Available in black or white, there is plenty of gel padding.  The shape and padding still allows a comfortable position on the aero bars. £129.99
Performance Narrow
PN1.0 New for 2016 and a similar design to the Attack.  The narrow design allows hamstring clearance and is used by both TT cyclists and Triathletes. £189.99
PN 1.1 Similar design to the Attack, but with more padding.  The additional padding makes it an ideal option for riding in thinner triathlon style shorts.  As well as black and white, this saddle is also available in pink. £109.99
PN 2.1 The PN 2.1 is brand new for 2016, and applies our popular PN 1.1 saddle technology to a triathlon platform. It features the same 40-series foam and gel padding as the PN 1.1, but features custom laser-etched graphics, upgraded chromoly rails, and a rear transition hook for easy racking and storage. £139.99



All of the above are available to try.  Please note, the Breakaway, Prologue and Podium are all the same design and so the sample saddle is the same.  Other saddles can be ordered, but are not available as samples to try.


To request a trial, please email