2017 Coaching Services and Prices

All of our coaching spaces are currently full – we can put your name on a waiting list and let you know when a space becomes available.  Alternatively, we do have some off  the shelf training plans and have capacity for one off 1:1 coached sessions and testing.   We have also introduced a package for novice athletes where you get a free 12 week training plan when you book one of our special bike fit packages!

One off 1:1 Coaching Options – £45 per hour plus any travel costs.  A block of 6 pre paid sessions available for £250.

This option is availble for those who are doing their own training but would like some help with one aspect of their training.  This may be swim, bike or run.   Examples of previous booked 1:1 sessions inclue a block of pool swims with a couple of open water swims for an athlete whose bike and run were strong and wanted to bring their swim to the level of their bike and run.  Another athlete who joined us in 2016 season was nervous about open water swiming and so we did a couple of pool sessions followed by some open water coached sessions.

Monthly Rolling Training Plans

New for 2017

Premium Ultra – £150/month, maximum of 10 months – FULL

This packa13103413_10154145080488185_5491116575731350478_n1ge is aimed towards giving the athlete as much support as possible for their A race.  Its only available for a limited period of 10 months maximum is is purely designed to work towards that A race goal, after which the athlete is welcome to join one of our other programmes and we will guide you towards which plan would be the most appropriate.  Training cycles are either 3 or 4 weeks (depending on the athlete) and during each cycle you will not only get your training plan delivered through a Premium Training Peaks account, and also have one day a month to train with your coach.     Because of the exclusivity of the package there are only 2 places a season available.



Yellow Jersey option – £100/month.  unlimited time period.  FULL

This option gives the athlete one hour of 1:1 time a month which can be either a practical coached session or an hour with the coach to look at nutrition, discuss race plans or whatever aspect of training needs to be discussed.   You will have a premium Training Peaks account as part of the package.  This option does require a set up appontment, which includes a biomechanical screening, Retul bike fit 13239991_10100236132153863_9117886558577250280_nas well as goal setting.    A weekly feedback email from both coach and athlete helps to set the next phase of trainng.    This option is not time limited, but we do ask for a months notice when terminating the contract.    This option has just 8 spaces available, two have become available for the 2017 season.



Pink Jersey Option – £60/month.  Unlimited period.  FULL

This option is designed towards the athletes who are happy with what they are doing and just want to get on with it.  You will still have an initial appointment which includes a Retul Bike fit, biomechanical screening, goal setting sessions and discussion as to how the training plan will accomodate your needs.    You are then left to get on with it, with feedback at the end of each 3 or 4 week cycle.   This option is not time limited, but we do ask for a months notice when terminating the contract.   There are 10 spaces available on this option.   2 have become available for the 2017 season.


Bike Testing – £30 per test.  £50 for a mobile test when we come to you.

This option is avai10403800_10152908566643185_9186298195477440064_olable for those who are wanting some baseline testing for the bike.  We can offer both a RAMP test and Constant Power testing using the Computrainer.   We also have the optionfor athletes working with other coaches who need a CP20 test or RAMP test and don’t have a power meter available.

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Training Options at a glance

Premium Ultra (£150/month) Yellow Jersey Option (£100/month) Pink Jersey Option


One off Plan

(£50 – £150)

Number of spaces 2 8 10 unlimited
Initial set up needed √ no additional charge √ (£130) √ (£130)
12 month phase plan
Time limit Yes – 10 months No No As per the plan length purchased
2 – 4 week rolling programme
1:1 session each cycle – a day of coach time
Detailed nutritional analysis
Sessions prescribed and sent Via Training Peaks
Sessions tailored to your needs
1:1 session for one hour once a month
Premium Training Peaks account
Weekly feedback
Monthly feedback
Discount on training days and camps
Discount on other DR J services (bike fitting etc) 50% 20% 10% 5%